Time Lapse Imaging


Time Lapse Imaging (Timed Imaging) can be considered as the most exciting and most accurate field of industrial documentary filmmaking.

In this style, withdrawing one plan, depends on its content & subject, it will take few hours to several years.

Iran Ingenious Documentary filmmaker Group is the pioneer & innovator of fixed or moving time lapse imaging productions

in various domains. Our System have been equipped with all moving robotics devices and associated microcontrollers and it also

equipped with motorized rails and sliders with the capacity of control and planning.


Our Group Services in Time Lapse Imaging:

- Time Lapse Construction movies in long term E.P.C (Engineering, procurement, construction) Projects (1 to 5 years)

- Fixed or Moving Time lapse movies for Construction Projects such as Large Commercial  and housing Complex ,etc.

- Time Lapse movies for manufactures lines production and Functions

- Time Lapse movies for Installation and running steps of construction Projects Such as

   Dams, Power Plants, pipelines, power networks, etc.

- Time lapse movies for Architectural aspects such as Urban Landscapes, Cultural Heritage, Tourism sites

- Time Lapse movies for traffic Studies, traffic, population densities, Transportation terminals, etc


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