Industrial Documentary


The industrial documentary is a branch of documentary film production which produces films by the orders of a sponsor for a special purpose but not only for the sake of art.

 Producing an industrial documentary similar to fiction movies require to have creativity, knowledge of screen writing, capital for preproduction,

equipment and more importantly a professional production team.

This type of films apart from its artistically aspects is designed and produced for a special aim .



The commercial, scientific-educational, industrial films in industrial areas, films with contents of social education issues

and films requested by government categorized within the industrial documentary films.

 A creative artist produces industrial documentaries in order to support the industry and the technologists.


The values of industrial processes due to complexities and subtleties have remained unknown and vague for the public consumers.

It has always been a need for the industry holders and producers to present a comprehensive picture from their production process.


Despite many attempts by industrial managers, the industrial documentary has become limited only to a certain short commercial clips

which are regarded as a small wave within the huge stream of constructions, high risk factory processes, products and developments.

To this end, still there is no accurate knowledge about the significant of the industrial documentary and its professional productions.


Iran Ingenious Documentary producers  for the past twenty years based on knowledge of engineering

and the art of documentary has been honored to work with heavy industrialists to create immanent and valuable documentaries in the area of industry.

In the same time, the I.D.D.P group has benefited from the positive view of the managers and also is prude of its attempts and investment in this field.


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